2/3 – Warren & Armstrong

Post any thoughts and reflections you have on the readings from Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life and Karen Armstrong’s The Case for God.

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3 thoughts on “2/3 – Warren & Armstrong

  1. mysticalova

    Hamraj Rooplall
    Prof: Sean Nolan
    ENG: 110

    Hi, my name is Hamraj Rooplall. I am one of today up-an-coming English Major for Early Childhood / Elementary Education. Currently, I am a Lower-Junior in Queens College and this is one of my dream college because it’s a great school, and it pushes me towards my dreams.. I was born on October 26 and from a Caribbean back ground and currently living in the United States all my life.
    As a young boy growing up I want to be a teacher because my father is a High School teacher and a Professor for 18 years now and I gain a lot of experience from him and others during my middle and high school experience. I used to hang out with my dad after school, during my lunch break and make friends with his friends whose are Doctors, professional teachers and professors.

    IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT ME AND WHAT “I AM GOOD AT” please feel free to read my RESUME.
    Recording Artist
    Ghost writer / Composer
    NYS Certify tutor
    MANAGER for Real Estate, Mortgage Banker, and Car Dealer

    Educational Philosophy
    I believe that my philosophy in my future teaching career is to follow the, “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND ACT”. I believe in this act because we as educators have to educate our students to be on the same paste of learning as a class together.

    AS a up-an-coming teacher I want the best for my students and I want the best outcome from them:
    For example:
    I want them to be mature and respectful to elders.
    I want them to use the “I” statement “I think” “I believe” “I know” rather to be too general.
    And I want to ask them the “THAT” question “do you think that?”, “do you know that?”, “do u believe that?”
    Keep the same pace of education
    I also believe in group work, standardize tests, and provide extra help for students who need it.

    Professional Standards
    I believe that my Professional Standards is when teachers have the ability to know the knowledge of students. For example, to know their behaviors and their learning skills and can able to change that to a higher level. CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency).

    In my Mom
    Smarter People than me so I can learn more.


    The Case for God by Karen Armstrong

    Karen Armstrong believe that we asked God for everything in many different ways to help us because everyone believe that their knew what God is.Their address him as Supreme Being, Divine Personality and the Creator of the world but this may not be true because others may think differently.

    Many people who needs help at the moment call upon his name for help through sickness and safety as she mention. While, on the other hand, government’s uses God to grabs people attention to help them get vote but that has nothing to do with God according to the reading.

    Presently, she argues that people are saying we are following another man ides, or another man-made doctrines, which is false statement and this cannot help us in life because nowadays everyone can get a Bible or Quran for free. In the past only few people can own these books and why it’s free now? Basically, the books we are reading today is not suitable for us because it have a lot of misunderstanding, another man ideas and interpretations wrong fully or its not directly the truth of God.

    She strongly uses mythos and logos to address and to connected other people believes to support her reading. For example, the Chinese people during history (c.370-311 BCE) and different names for God she mention in her reading. Another example that grabs my attention is the way she define religion through the mind and heart. This show that Armstrong have many different ways to define religion and believe throughout her reading.


    The Purpose driven Life by Rich Warren

    Warren basically introduce God as the power master to our life. He believe that if wasn’t for God we would’t be here so we should not ask question about our self. We should accept what God predict for us and able to live with that throughout our life. For example, when we are a kid our parents or family always say , I want you to be a Doctor so now as a little boy we grew up with that idea to be a doctor. From Warren perspective don’t listen to others wait until God gives you what you want. A great example he used the mountain to tell us that without god life’s wouldn’t make sense. Another word that grabs my attention in his reading is ”speculation”. As he states “This is what most people choose”(Warren n.p). This show that many people don’t know exactly what is the meaning of life so if they hear any myth they falls into the trap and starting to believe the wrong idea about god. This can lead them into the wrong direction.

    In contrast with Warren and Armstrong Reading:
    Christina (Bible)
    Quote from Bible

  2. Pamela

    My name is Pamela Arcecoloma and I want to major in Nutrition/ Exercise Science. I’ve always been into sports, fitness and healthy eating. I would like to enhance athletes’s diet to perform at their best.
    I was born in Lima, Peru and came to New York at the age of 12. Jimi Hendrix and Pink Floyd are my top two favorite bands.
    Personally, Karen Armstrong did a better job on reaching my attention. She was not trying to pursue me on becoming Christian unlike Rick Warren. She recognizes that with all the scientific knowledge we are now aware of, is understandable to question the existence of a god.
    Rick Warren, on the other hand, reaches to those who are disorientated in their lives giving them hope to feel like they have a purpose in this planet again, but the only way to do it so, is by following god’s words written in the Christian Holy Book, the Bible.

  3. Tavinderdeep Singh

    My name is Tavinderdeep Singh but everybody calls me Tavi. I haven’t decided upon my major yet but I am leaning towards biology. I want to help people in need so I want to have a job where I can help others . I was born in Los Angeles and I am a sports fan. I like mostly every sport besides baseball and hockey. I liked the readings from this week, specially Rick Warren’s reading. I liked the ideas of Warren when he talked about the benefits of a purpose driven life. Warren talks about how your birth was no accident and how you will just wander in life if you just try to fulfill your own selfish desires. He stresses that you were made by God and that you should fulfill God’s plan accordingly. Armstrong’s reading talks about practical discipline. I liked the idea of Armstrong where she states that religion’s truth can be acquired through by practical action and not just talk .

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